Full Time

Sales Leader – Private Physician Practices

We are a sales-driven high growth startup in a unique moment in time. We are day-one revenue generating for our customers. The service is paid for by Medicare which is “immune” to today’s overwhelming economic uncertainty. The current health environment is a powerful tailwind for LIGHTHOUSE. We have a cool service that helps patients be more successful and generates big money for doctors (our customers).

This role will be one-part direct, one-part partner management as the shifting landscape of in-office experiences with doctors changes over the next twelve months. If you woke up this morning, hungry to sell something that you feel GREAT about and to get paid, then this might be the role for you. It’s not quite a VP of Sales role (but it could become that) because it is a lot more execution than strategy, more working the pipeline than big-partner cultivation. more simple lead management across a distributed team than complex process development.

A primary responsibility will be to make sure that EVERYONE knows what YOU need to be successful. Our marketing team is really a SALES marketing team. The product team and the tech team will require your regular insight and prioritization to help make YOU successful.

The environment, government regulation, voice platform capabilities, patient readiness, growing Medicare reimbursements –– everything, everything, everything is an incredible tailwind looking for the right sellers to capture the opportunity.

Required Experience

  • 5+ years of direct professional (B2B sales)
  • Demonstrable territory growth
  • Startup experience

Required Skills

  • Selling
  • Reseller/channel partner management
  • Cross-team collaborative style


  • Small business sales
  • Physician sales
  • Health care background

Sales Leader – Private Physician Practices

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