Full Time

Technology + Product Lead/Executive Team

Technology and Product are inextricably linked at this stage of LIGHTHOUSE and you will get to catalyze these two groups to inspire each other and deliver.

LIGHTHOUSE is entering a phase of rapid growth which will be equal parts deliberate opportunity pursuit, cool and nimble product innovation, and keeping the wheels on the train. This role pairs with the CEO to run the business. You’ll need to have a passion for the technology that unlocks the greatest products, a relentless perfection mindset around security and privacy (the nature of health care) and an excitement to build a couple of badass teams that want to delight customers and win win win.

On the tech side we are beginning the “repatriation” of developers from overseas contract workers to more dependable local resources, while cleaning up the inevitable tech-debt detritus of early stage innovation…and building out features to meet changing environments and platform capabilities…and bullet-proofing HIPAA/privacy/security…and figuring out our mobile app needs…and a half dozen other high priorities. The reality is that EVERYBODY WHO CAN CODE, DOES CODE at this time, and part of your role will be to get the A+ players on development team and boot the utility players that have been helping out (starting with the CEO).

On the product front, there is also a lot going on. We have three (and expanding) core customer groups that all need the right experience to be successful (patients, physicians, our internal care team). We have countless opportunities for platform and condition expansion that must be navigated and our product road map is equal parts table stakes requirements and what’s-next-cool. At the heart of all our product experiences we are “operationalizing” behavior theory. We’re not doing feature build out, we’re trying to understand and execute against a framework of “why do people do what they do, and how can we influence that?”.

As part of the Executive Team you will oversee the Product Team and Tech Team. Together you and the CEO will set the product roadmap and technology priorities and then you will make it happen. This role includes all the usual stuff you find on the responsibility laundry list of a CTO and CPO, from building a great team, fostering a great environment, listening to the customers, scalable infrastructure…but the short description is envision a great product, make it happen, help make LIGHTHOUSE the best place to work.

You will love this job if you are a rock hard technologist that wants to build the coolest things that will meaningfully impact the lives of a million people.

Required Experience

  • Computer Science degree (or something close)
  • Senior Technology Role
  • Experience building a DevOps environment from a blank page
  • History of working with blended local/remote and US/overseas teams
  • Rapid product design and execution leadership role
  • Success in a startup environment

Required Skills

  • Leadership: idealistic, compassionate, unimpeachable integrity, radical candor, coach
  • Tech: LAMP, security/privacy
  • Product: end-to-end product management


  • Experience in industries where security and privacy are a core product requirement, e.g., health or financial services
  • Product background in behavior change/insight/influence
  • Relaxed sense of humor. The CEO is a little “loose” and you will be spending a lot of time working together

Technology + Product Lead/Executive Team

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