Certified Diabetes Educator – Flexible Work from Home

Education is the cornerstone of patient self-management, and our remote care team members are experts in supporting patients in their diabetes journey. This is a telephonic role with no face-to-face patient contact. The work is flexible to fit your schedule and your patient interactions will range from helping LIGHTHOUSE members new to condition, to making their way through “denial”, to achieving new levels of glycemic control.

You will have your own panel of patients to supervise the diabetes component of their care. During busy months, another care team member can help you deliver care, and during months when you have extra time, you can pick up additional care opportunities. Typical clinical positions tend to be inflexible when it comes to meeting the needs of the rest of your life. With LIGHTHOUSE, you can change the work to fit into the rest of your life.

Our patients need your help to thrive against their goals of glycemic control and living with diabetes. You can make an incredible difference in their lives.

Required Experience

  • At 1 year as a practicing diabetes educator
  • History of self-directed patient management
  • Experience with health care problem solving

Required Skills

  • Certified Diabetes Educator in good standing
  • Strong telephone skills
  • Empathetic patient ‘bedside’ manner
  • Strong personal time management skills
  • Great health problem solving skills
  • High speed home internet


  • Experience with Motivational Interviewing or other behavior change communication techniques
  • Bilingual in Spanish and English is a plus

Certified Diabetes Educator – Flexible Work from Home

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